Commission Info

If you liked my art and would like to commission me for some artwork for logos, gift art, for shirts/ anything printed, or social media branding - or anything else you may need them for, here are all the details you need to know about requesting paid art from me: 

How To Commission Me:

Please send me a message on my Facebook Page all the details on what you want to commission. Alternatively, you can send me an e-mail at

Please have references that are necessary for the commission at the ready when asking for a commission slot.


I mainly work with three levels of details - Levels 1-3. They're not official scales other artists use, but its my easy way of determining and understanding how a client wants their art to be made. 

Here are samples of each one and how much each costs:
Any additional details of your request is to be discussed (background, any props, etc). 
Click here to see some of the projects I've worked on.

Terms of Service

I take payment in advance, meaning I start work after having received the payment in full. If the sum of the payment is above $100, I am willing to discuss the option of paying half in advance, half upon completion. I take payment via PayPal, PayMaya or BPI Bank Deposits.
Permission & Reposting:
By commissioning me, you allow me to post the finished work on my social media and portfolio. Exceptions are possible, but only if discussed beforehand, specially in commercial-use artworks.
You, as the client, have the right to repost it on your social media, but with credits and link to my site as the artist. Using the art form commercial purposes (ie selling, etc) is forbidden unless commercial-use permission has been discussed.

Work Process:

🌸 After the commission details had been explained and agreed on, I will send an initial rough draft of the artwork. Changes, details and revisions (if necessary) etc, will be actively dicussed during the drafting stage.

🌸 Once we agree on the final draft, I will continue on and do the linework, and then the colors.
🌸 The final png. file will be submitted via dropbox/messenger/email in a zipped file.
If anything needs changing, please tell me when discussing the draft. No major revision (like pose, sizes, big details) will be changed after the draft has been approved)